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Pros and Cons of Blogging in the Communication Field

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BLOGS can be the main resource when it comes to communication. In the field of communication, if you want to be successful you have to be able to accept constructive criticism .   

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3 Pros about being a communication studies major with the ability of doing blogs are:

1)You have a selective audience, which means your target audience depends on your approach to particular topics or discussions.

2)Every opinion matters; I say this because you want people to understand that being open minded to new ideas can help with seeing different point of views.

3) Be yourself, when the audience sees the confidence in your post, it will show individuals that you are able to fix bad habits and this will help them give you the proper feedback that will encourage you instead make you feel down.

1 con about blogging:

1) Control your emotions: There will always be negativity, for example it can come from when you may disagree with certain individuals on a particular topic but you have to keep in mind that everyone has their own opinion.

Quick tips of Encouragement:

The only way to apply these steps will be to surround yourself with individuals or a group of friends that will tell you the truth by helping you improve small errors.

Of course there will be mistakes we are imperfect but nothing is wrong with trying to be best at a craft, your biggest critic will always be yourself.

I would love to hear any tips or motivation from you that may be visiting so please leave a comment of advice you would like to share for someone or even myself.