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The Impact of Virality

Do you know anyone that has become viral or popular known from the help of social media like a famous musician, a youtuber , or even a close friend that has become popular on Instagram?

What is Virality?

Virality is the condition or fact of being rapidly spread or popularized by means of people communicating with each other, especially through the Internet.

Being viral can come with many benefits when it comes to the social media platform, such as:

  1. Popularity
  2. Offers from Sponsors
  3. Being able to get paid

Why is being viral such a benefit for communication majors?

It’s beneficial because that person already has an target audience to associate with. It will create a huge platform because their message will spread from their audience to other individuals.

Another useful resource is meme , here below is a picture image :

An meme is a virally-transmitted photograph that is embellished with text that pokes fun at a cultural symbol or social idea. 

However, i love the idea of being able to see viral post. The pretty cool thing about is that anyone can become viral. Sometimes you have to step out that comfort zone and take a risk.

Thank you all again for visiting my page, i hope it was very beneficial. Make sure you drop a link of your favorite meme or viral video in the comment section. I would also love to hear the perspective of being viral from your standpoint. Make sure you like, comment, and share this post!

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